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Last Updated: Feb 13, 2017 07:02PM PST
Setting Up Your Listings-to-Leads Profile:

When you sign up for Listings-to-Leads, an Account Specialist will do most of this for you! And they are more than happy to help as needed.

Once your Profile is set up, come back here to view and or register for a Getting Started Webinar!

See a recent Getting Started Webinar Here / Sign Up for the Next Getting Started Webinar Here

1. Personal Details / Admin Details

You can upload your profile photo here (for logo and banners go to 'Lead Links' tab in the account) and change your name as needed
(displays in all tools).

If you operate under a team name, you can also enter that and check to use the Team Name vs. your name.

You can not change your username, but if needed, click 'Contact Support' and we can do that for you. We use the 'Username' in some of the URL's for the tools and landing pages, so if you want to change that, do it before you start using these tools.

You can change the password at anytime by entering the new password twice in the 'Password' and 'Confirm Password' section and 'Save' at the bottom of the profile.

2. Contact Details

Company / Broker Name: Edit as needed
(displays in all tools).

Email: Enter your email addresses here. You can include assistants and / or emails for programs that you want leads sent to like BombBomb, Follow Up Boss, Realty Juggler etc. (get with them for these unique email addresses).

Be sure to check 'Send Leads To' and 'Send Listing Tool Kit Emails & eFlyers to' as appropriate.

Alternative Emails: If you use programs like WiseAgent, LionsDesk, RealtyJuggler, FollowUpBoss put the 'Auto Import Lead' email you get from them into one of your Alternate Emails and check SEND LEADS TO to get your leads from Listings-to-Leads to auto import into those programs.

For Top Producer and BoomTown, scroll down.

You can also put your assistants', VA, etc emails in here as well.

MLS Email / Datafeed Participant ID: Click 'Contact Support' in your account and let us do this for you as needed! This is what we use to pull in listings from ListHub where available.

Mortgage Email: If you use the 'Mortgage & Refinance' landing page and would like your mortgage lender to be copied on leads, include their email here.

Craigslist Reply to Email: Disregard this. No longer needed due to changes with Craigslist.

(displays in all tools): Put your phone number here.

Alternate Phone for SMS Leads: We send text notifications to you for leads from the Listing Landing Pages and for FULL Seller Leads (in addition to the text notifications for all text and IVR leads).

If the phone number you put in 'Phone' above is NOT text enabled, put one that is here.

NOTE: WE do not send text messages to two phones, either the one in 'Phone' or the one in 'Alternate Phone for SMS Leads'.

Display Zillow Reviews: Check this if you want your client reviews from Zillow to automatically appear in your tools. This is AMAZING as it allows your clients to 'talk' to people in your market place via all the tools in Listings-to-Leads! 
(displays in all tools)

NOTE: If your Primary Email above is not the one your log into Zillow with, put the one that is in the spot titled 'Zillow Log In Email'.

Website: Put your website URL here.

City: Put the city your office is in here (displays in all tools).

State: Put the state your office is in here
(displays in all tools).

Title: Put your title here
(displays in all tools).

License Number: Put your License number here
(displays in all tools).

MLS Name: Put your MLS here.

Legal Description
(displays in all tools): Put whatever information as required by your broker / MLS here. NOTE that all the information with (displays in all tools) is already displayed in all tools, so you do not need to add that again here.

Legal Graphic: We include the Fair Housing Logo already in all the tools, but you can add any other legal graphic required here.

NOTE: To add / change your logo, click 'Lead Links' tab in your account. Support will do this for you as well if you send it to them.

3. Listing Details

Use Canadian Version of Marketing Tools: Check this if you are in Canada and we automatically change the marketing tools for your listings and the landing pages to display and work perfectly in Canada!

Use SPW URL as Property Detail URL: Check this if you want to use your Listings-to-Leads Single Property Website as the destination URL instead of the ListHub (or other URL that datafeeds send).

We highly recommend doing this so that leads stay with you vs. wandering off to other places.

Use 'Just Sold' Lead Form: When you change your listings to Just Sold to use all the Just Sold marketing tools, there are two different lead capture forms you can choose from.

To see which one is appropriate for you, on a Just Sold listing, click the red 'Get The Final Sales Price!' button (top of left side navigation on the Single Property Website).

This is what it looks like with 'Get Final Sales Price / Inside Scoop'

4. Select Your Color Theme for Your
Marketing and Lead Generation Tools

We want your marketing tools to match your website as much as possible!

Choose the pre done themes or select a Custom Theme from below as appropriate!

NEED a custom color? Ask support and we'll see what we can do for you!

5. Marketing Automation Set-Up

Check the top two boxes here to automate the eFlyer and Facebook post campaigns to your sellers!

See more information on this here.

I have Showcase Listing Enhancements on Check if you have showcase listings on and we will upload the virtual tours for your listings as soon as they import / are entered into your account.

YouTube Connection

Click to Authorize to Your YouTube Channel: See link to right of this in the profile for more information.

Auto Generate YouTube Listing Videos from data feed: Check this to have listing videos automatically created when they import from the data feed. We will upload the listing video to your channel (if authorized) and / or to our SearchALLProperties YouTube channel for extra SEO!

6. WiseAgent / Top Producer Details

You want, and we want, your leads to automatically drop into your CRM for long term (actually forever!) follow-up.

See the links in these sections in the profile for how to set this up as appropriate.

NOTE: For some reason, some people have a hard time with getting Top Producer to work here. Be sure to follow the video exactly as shown!

UPDATE: It is best to connect with WiseAgent using Alternate Email above.

NOTE: Many CRM's (and other programs) have a dedicated / unique email address that you can put into the email section of your Listings-to-Leads profile above that will then import leads into them like Follow Up Boss, Realty Juggler, BombBomb and others. Check with them for more information about this.

7. Social Media Accounts Profile URL's

Enter your social media account URLs in the appropriate spaces below in your profile.

8. Listings-to-Leads Affiliate Program: Earn 15% Paid Recurring Revenue!

Put in your PayPal email here and then click 'Save' at the bottom to get your unique URL (see under Referral Link below) that you can share with people.

If they sign up to Listings-to-Leads using it, they get a 21 Free Day trial vs. 14 at our website and we pay you 15% recurring to your PayPal account every time they are billed for as long as they and you are a client. There are no limits or caps to this.

A good number of Listings-to-Leads' clients actually make money off the program this way!!

9. Payment Information

Edit Credit Card Information: Edit Your Credit Card Details here.

Update Subscription Package: Upgrade or Downgrade your subscription package here.

Update & Save: Update and Save all edits and changes made anywhere above.

Cancel: Cancel the account. You can always reactivate your account by logging into Listings-to-Leads here and logging in with your username and password. This will take you to a screen where you can reactivate the account with everything in it as before.

Be sure to join us for our live training to better learn how to use Listings-to-Leads and see selected training here! 

Start YOUR Free Trial of Listings-to-Leads Now HERE!

Never hesitate to contact support for help with anything by clicking 'Contact Support' from within your account. 1,000's of real estate agents and brokers use Listings-to-Leads successfully and we are here to help you better market your listings and generate referral, buyer and seller leads to grow your business!

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