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Open House Marketing & Lead Generation

Last Updated: Oct 13, 2015 03:57AM PDT

The Listings-to-Leads Open House Marketing & Lead Generation System is the best in the industry and will better market your open house for traffic and generate more buyer AND seller leads than any other program or APP available.

See how to generate buyer and seller leads before, during and after the open house as either the Listing Agent or even as a Showing Agent with marketing tools that contain proven and specific call-to-actions and hyperlinks and get in front of 100s and 100s of people!

Watch a past Open House webinar at the very bottom of this page!


See "Open Houses on a tablet"
(includes Virtual Tour on tablet / smartphone as well)!



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  • TOP ROW LEFT: Open House Sign In / Feedback Form for Tablet Devices (clickable)
  • TOP ROW RIGHT: Open House eFlyer for email marketing (clickable)
  •  2nd ROW LEFT: Open House Social Media Post for seller and you (clickable)
  •  2nd ROW RIGHT: Open House Print Flyer
  •   3rd ROW LEFT: Open House Blog Post (clickable)
  •   3rd ROW RIGHT: Open House Listing Landing Page for Facebook Advertising (clickable)

  •   4rd ROW RIGHT: Listing Letter for Open House to Generate Seller Leads (clickable)

Craigslist Ad not shown.

Open House Sign In / Feedback for Tablet


Listing Letter for Seller Leads from Open House

How to generate traffic and leads from your Open House!

All the tools that are used to market your open house contain call-to-actions and links to your website or landing pages that generate leads before, during and after the open house.


The more people that see these tools, the more leads you are going to generate.


PART ONE: Set Up Your Open House

  1. On the ‘Listings’ page, click the ‘Edit / Enhance Listings’ icon for the listing you are having an open house.

  2. Select the Open House date and time (see screenshot below).


  3. Scroll to the bottom and 'Save'!

You will be sent 3 emails:

  • Open House eFlyer to forward to the seller

  • Your Open House Social Media post to send to the seller

  • An email with more information and tools for marketing your Open House

PART TWO: Before the OPEN HOUSE Inbound Marketing, Lead Generation and SEO!

You will receive an email with these steps (per above), but you can also access them by:

On the 'Listings' page, click the property address to display the Marketing, Lead Generation and SEO Checklist.

Then Scroll down to the Open House module (see screenshot below).

Click the icons under 'Click to Do It!" to do the following:

After you complete each item, click the blue icon under the 'Mark that you Did it!' column so that you know when you did it in case you get interrupted during this and have to come back later to finish it.

1. Post (RENEW) Open House Ad to Craigslist

Click the 'Log into Craigslist' button in the upper left side of the 'Listings' page and log into Craigslist. Leave that open and then come back to Listings-to-Leads (see screen shot below).

See how to post to Craigslist here!

Click the Craigslist icon or the magnifying glass to the far right side on the row of icons for the listing. I prefer clicking on the magnifying glass so that I can choose and also see what the ad will look like BEFORE it posts to Craigslist!

Follow the prompts to post to Craigslist.



  1. Do not display the map on Craigslist!!

  2. If your listing is already on Craigslist just log into Craigslist and edit the ads' 'Posting Title' Add: Open Sun 1-4pm (as appropriate for your open house day/time).

This will get your ad more clicks!!

2. "Open House eFlyer posted to website or blog"

If your Listings-to-Leads WordPress blog is activated, the Open House eFlyer will autopost to that. This can take a few hours.

You can also post it to any blog or website you want to by clicking the orange icon, selecting the version you want (we like the middle one the best) and then Clicking Step 1 and then Step 2 to open up your blog.

Just create a blog post, click on 'Source / HTML' and paste in the code and then click that same button again so that you see the actual post the way consumers will see it.

TIP: The blog post title should be the full property address the same as someone would type into Google with - Open House after the address.

3. "Open House eFlyer emailed to the Seller"

Check your email for the Open House eFlyer and forward to the seller. Be sure to read the email first and follow the directions in it (see screenshot below).

TIP: CALL the seller after you send the Open House eFlyer and the Open House Social Media Post (see below) and let them know you sent it to them and ask them to send it to everyone they can. And that this is just one part of your overall Open House Marketing Strategy!

4. "Open House eFlyer Emailed to Agents / Reverse Prospect the MLS"

Click to send this to yourself to then forward to other agents that you may want to notify about your open house, contacts (homeowners, sellers and buyers related to the listings area) in your data base and even reverse prospect the MLS if available (ask your broker or MLS how to do this if needed).

5.  "Open House eFlyer Posted to the Sellers Facebook Wall"

Check your email for the Open House Social Media Post. Forward this to the seller when you email them the Open House eFlyer.

While talking to them about the eFlyer, also ask them to post them to their Facebook page. Read this email for more information!

6. "Open House eFlyer posted to your fan page (broker FB Group)

If appropriate (without overposting listings to your facebook fan page or group) post this to your Facebook page. Be sure to make a comment that makes this social. Comment about the best characteristic of the home or something as possible.

7. Listing Letter for Open House to Generate Seller Leads

Want to generate seller leads and get more nearby home owners in your database?

Use the Open House Listing Letter template here to copy, edit and use to generate seller leads!

See how to copy, edit and use Listing Letters to generate SELLER LEADS all the way from Just Listed through Just Sold, including Open House!


1. Click 'Edit / Enhance Listing' icon on 'Listings' page.

2. Scroll down to the lower left and find the red 'Open House Feedback' button.

3. You will find 3 versions of the Open House Feedback Form to use on your tablet device, laptop or print version. They all work the same way! We like #2 below the best!

People LOVE giving feedback and these generate leads during and after the open house.

When people fill these out, they are sent the Single Property Website eFlyer that contains all the call to actions, lead capture and your branding (see the second screen shot below)!!


  1. Feedback Form - This is created from the MLS data feed photos

  2. Form - Large Format - This is created from photos you upload for the Virtual Tour (see screenshot below from iPad)

  3. Feedback Print - This is a print version of the Open House Feedback form (if using the feedback form, be sure to enter them into one of the 2 versions above so that they are sent the Single Property Website eFlyer!)

ALL leads from this form (if they selected 'yes' for either 'Notify me of price changes to this property' or 'Notify me of new listings in this neighborhood') should be put into your 'New Listing Alert' system so that they are automatically notified of new listings and changes to your listing!!! 

This is the email that people get sent after they fill out the Open House Feedback form!!

NOTE all the links and call to actions that generate leads for you. If you are using video (either property or area videos, they will also be in this as well as all the other tools for the listing!!)

View the 30 minute webinar below showing you everything above!


Open House Marketing & Lead Generation Before, During and After! 3-18-15, 11.02 AM from Scott Pierce on Vimeo.



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