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Last Updated: Oct 23, 2014 12:23PM PDT
Doing video sounds great until you spend your time, money and effort getting a video done, only to have it sit on YouTube or not helping your generate more business!

Whether you produce videos yourself or find great ones to use online, Listings-to-Leads is the best platform in the industry to market them for lead generation and SEO.

When you put your videos into Listings-to-Leads, they are included in ALL the tools! The virtual tours, single property websites, eFlyers, blog posts, Facebook posts etc!! 

Read the step by step 'how to' below or watch the video near the bottom of this post!

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Click here for how to do this for Property Videos!

Ideas and Examples:

Area Video: You would want to associate Area Videos by 'City' or 'Zip Code' so that all the tools for all those current listings and future listings have that video automatically displayed!

See my 'Noe Valley Farmers Market' video that I found on YouTube and use with all my listings in Noe Valley! 1627 Bahia Vista Drive, San Francisco, CA

Video Testimonial: You might want to associate this type of video with ALL your current and future listings!

How To: Add Video (or other content)

1. Click the 'Media Center' tab and 'Create Tab Content'

2. Follow steps as shown in screenshot below.

If the video is NOT on YouTube, click the source button, paste in the embed code and click the Source button again. For best results, edit the embed code to 810 width and proportional height.

Now your video or other content is in Listings-to-Leads and ready to be associated with all your listings OR by 'City' or 'Zip Code' to groups of listings to ALL the tools for those listings. The Virtual Tour, Single Property Website, Facebook posts, eFlyers, blog posts, etc!

How To: Assign to Current and Future Listings

Now that your video is in the Media Center, you want to assign it to current and future listings!

See screenshot below for how to assign video or other content to current and future listings!


1. You can sort by listings by 'City' and 'Zip Code' for easier association.

2. The associate future content by 'Zip Code' box is below the 'City' box.

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