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Part 1: 'Edit / Enhance Listing'

Last Updated: Sep 25, 2013 01:54PM PDT
Setting Up Your Listing for Maximum Inbound Marketing, Lead Generation and SEO

Listings are the best and cheapest way to generate traffic to your website and leads (more business).

Want proof? Just look at all the 3rd party syndication websites making money off your listings :-)

But they do not import into Listings-to-Leads from your MLS maximized for Lead Generation.

Be sure to edit your listing first and then 'Select Lead Generation Links' before your start marketing it via Listings-to-Leads so that you can start making more money off of your listings.

First, click 'Edit / Enhance Listings' icon on the 'Listings' page in your account and be sure all the information is correct (address, bedroom / bathrooms, etc).

The following items are the highlights that most people have questions about. There are other items that are pretty self explanatory, but as always, please contact support with any questions.

1. Listing Headline:

Be sure to put in a good Listing Headline! This will be the 'Posting Title' on Craigslist and on all the tools (the title can be changed for the Single Property Website and other tools via the column on the left side: 'Edit Single Property Website' -> 'Title and Color')

2. Import Property YouTube Video

Do you have a video for your listing?! Put the YouTube URL in the box labeled 'Import Property YouTube Video and it will automatically insert it at the right width / height, auto play with no related videos at the end in ALL the tools for the listing.

DO NOT put the short URL from YouTube or the embed/featured URL. Just the regular URL as shown in the example to the right of this spot.

3. Edit Images:

If you want to edit images (maybe swap out the MLS photos for larger high resolution photos, etc) click 'Edit Images', top button left column. After your images are perfect be sure to click 'Copy to Virtual Tour'

4. Open House:

Click here to see how to set and generate leads from your open house!

5. Vanity URL:

If you use a Vanity URL that you buy at a website like GoDaddy or somewhere, you can put that here and it will insert it in the print property flyers. We suggest that you 'forward' (do not forward / mask) your vanity URL to the Single Property Website.

Call your domain registrar with help on how to do this if needed.

6. Merge Listing:

If you added a listing via 'Create New Listing' and later it comes in from a data feed, you will want to merge the data feed listing into the one you entered via 'Create New Listing' so that you do not lose the tools you started marketing with. If you delete the listing that comes in from a data feed, it will just keep importing everyday!

See how to merge listings here

7. QR Code:

Your Listings-to-Leads mobile property website / virtual tour is the best in the industry and it generates leads!

Your L2L QR Code is automatically part of the print flyers in your account, but you can download the QR Code and use it on your print flyers if you are using another vendor for this.

Ask your print flyer support for the best QR Code format and then download and use that version per their instructions.

ALSO - be sure to click 'Generate Short URL' if using the QR Code so that you get an easy to use URL for consumers to use.

When you are done with 'Edit / Enhance Listings' click 'SAVE' and be sure to 'Select Lead Generation Links' to maximize your lead generation opportunities with the marketing you will do with your listing in Listings-to-Leads!

Click here to see how to 'Select Lead Generation Links' for maximum lead generation.


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