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Listing Landing Pages for Facebook / Google PPC

Last Updated: Feb 29, 2016 07:44PM PST

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Listing Landing Pages are automatically created for every listing and will help you generate more buyer leads from Facebook and Google PPC.


The same landing page will change from 'Just Listed' to 'Open House' (if you have one) 'For Sale' to 'Pending' to 'Just Sold'. Advertising / marketing it during 'Just Listed' and 'Just Sold' are the two best times to generate the most leads!

There is also a 'Coming Soon' version if you do pre MLS marketing!


Just click the icon for the listing under the 'Listing Landing Page' column on the 'Listings' tab to see your listing's 'Listing Landing Page'.


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Once all your photos are uploaded to the virtual tour section, you will be able to select which photo you want to display by selecting it where it says 'Listing Landing Page' under the thumbnail display of the image you want on the Listing Landing Page.

This will make it very easy to change the photo displayed on the Listing Landing Page if you want to rerun Facebook or Google ads to generate more leads!

REMEMBER, new image on Listing Landing Page is a new ad and will generate new leads!

If you do not have the option to select a photo for the Listing Landing Page, then the particular photo(s) is not wide enough. The photos HAVE TO BE 1200 pixels wide or wider to select and use to create the full screen mobile responsive Listing Landing Page.


Your Listing Landing Pages are automatically integrated with your Listings-to-Leads text service if you are subscribed.


See IVR for Agents   /   See IVR for Brokers


When you fill out the lead capture form on the 'Listing Landing Page', you are taken automatically to the Single Property Website for the listing!

You will get the lead information via email, but the person filling out the form will get no email. The lead will be automatically redirected to the Single Property Website for the listing.

If you use
WiseAgent, TopProducer, Realty Juggler see how leads can automatically be imported for quick assignment to a lead follow-up plan!

Often times, leads will 'double opt in' by becoming a lead again at the Single Property Website via the 'Follow This Home' lead form, or by clicking the links to your website and signing up for a property search there!


This is as example of what your ad will look like in the Facebook news feed:


Now that your Listing Landing Page is good to go, see how to advertise on Facebook!

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