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Property Valuation Text / IVR Hotline

Last Updated: Jan 15, 2016 12:13PM PST
You can now generate seller leads using text and IVR!

Try it out by texting 21332 to 888-264-1910.

See the automated conversation that helps get the property address and email along with getting the phone number 100% of the time under the video below!

Or call 888-264-1910 and enter Location ID 21332

When people send a text or call your Property Valuation service you get the phone number 100% of the time and Caller ID where available along with the property address and email address much of the time!

Perfect for Facebook advertising, sign riders (when listings go into contract or Just Sold), email marketing / eFlyers, sites like Instagram and others that do not allow links, post cards, home magazines and more!

See more examples under the video below!

See Facebook Mastermind thread on this topic here!

Join our recurring webinar on Facebook Advertising for agents and offices every Tuesday at 12 noon PDT!

In the video below, see how to set up your extensions to capture seller leads and get the phone number for EVERY home owner (seller lead) Property Valuation request using the Listings-to-Leads Property Valuation Text / Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system!

Use this on your Property Valuation landing pages, direct mail post cards, print marketing, blogs, social media...anywhere and everywhere you can think of to generate high quality seller leads!

In the image below, note the Text To for Seller Leads information located under the lead form!

Every seller lead is sent to you immediately via text and email for you to call back and get the property address of the property valuation!

See more information about Listings-to-Leads AUTOMATED & INTEGRATED Interactive Voice Response (IVR) lead generation for your listings here: for agents / for brokers

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When people send a text to your 'Text To' for seller leads number, the conversation below is automated and helps get you their property address and email in addition to getting the phone number 100% of the time for quick and easy follow-up!

Use 'Text To' for seller leads with Property Valuation landing pages in your Facebook Ads

See how to place a Facebook Ad in about 2 minutes 

Use 'Text To' for Seller Leads with Listing Landing Pages in your Facebook ads when listings go In Contract or Just Sold!

Use 'Text To' for seller leads as a sign rider when your listings go In Contract or Just Sold with a status banner above!

Order Sign Riders Here!

Use 'Text To' for seller leads on sites like Instagram that do not allow you to include hyperlinks! Either overlay it in the image or put in the comment section!

See how to post to Instagram to generate seller leads here!

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