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Last Updated: May 31, 2014 04:05PM PDT
To maximize your efforts with Facebook Advertising, you will want to create 2 - 6 images to display with your Facebook Ads.

Why? Because Facebook will monitor the image display vs. clicks and then display the ad images with the most clicks more and more! This means more leads for you!

NOTE: You can use this tool for all landing pages and all Facebook Advertising Campaigns!!

Facebook Ad Image Creator from Listings-to-Leads

Essentially, you upload the photo you used for your landing page, add a 'text bubble' and 'text' then Save and use.

1. At the top of the Edit page for your Property Valuation landing pages, click the Facebook Ad Image Creator icon.

2. Click 'Choose File' under 'Image Background Upload'. For best results, use the same background image as the landing page.

3. Click in the image and drag, this will display the selection box for you to select the part of the image you want to display in your ad and then click 'Move Selected Area to Canvas'.

Now you are ready to add some text and graphics!

1. Click 'Bubble' tab, select a contrasting color to your image. The 'bubble' will appear on the image canvas, now drag it where you want it (usually top left).

NOTE: You can adjust opacity using the slider below the image. Slide it about 1/4 the way to the left for best results!

2. Click the 'Text' bubble and then 'Add Text Block' and on the image canvas drag the text inside the bubble.

Once the text is inside the bubble, click on the text again and you will see that you can edit it below the image canvas.

Add some graphics to your Facebook Ad Image!

NOTE the Blue, Green, Pink, Red & Yellow tabs for graphics. Choose a contrasting color to your image, the same color as the text bubble.

Select the graphic you want to use and click on it and it will appear on the image canvas. To add more, click on the image canvas and then click on the graphic again. Repeat as needed!

3. Once you are done, click 'Step 2: (Save Image). You can click 'Save to My Account' and it will be available in the 'My Images' section (immediate right of step 2) and / or 'Save to My PC'.

Always use the same image as the Property Valuation landing page and start with 2 images and add more to your Facebook campaign as you want up to a total of 6.

NOTE: Facebook only allows 20% of the image to have text! For more information about Facebook Ad Guidelines, click here.

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