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Facebook Seller & Buyer Lead Generation for Realtors!

Last Updated: Oct 18, 2017 10:04AM PDT
Set-up a Property Valuation Landing Page Quick Start Guide

1. Click the 'Landing Page' tab in your Listings-to-Leads Account.

2. Click 'Property Valuation PLUS' button (right side of page)

3. Click the gray 'Click Here to Add...' button

4. Type in name of area you want to create the landing page for.

5. Click 'Save' 

Your new landing page is now ready to use though we do suggest you click on the 'Edit Landing Page' link and change the background picture to one of your area.

See video here for more edits you can make to your new landing page!

A lot of great questions recently!

One agent recently, who was not a client, was blown away at how fast you can create property valuation landing pages and place them on Facebook to start generating seller leads!

Key take aways that were covered in today's webinar in addition to the basics:

1. Use great images! The better the image on the landing page and Facebook ad represents the area, the better your clicks and conversions will be. See here for ideas on how to get great images if needed.

2. Change out your landing page and Facebook Ad images to freshen your ads if they become stale.

3. Use the 'Property Valuation PLUS' landing page with the 'Partial to Full Lead Converter' (see green button on the Landing Page dashboard) to generate the MOST seller leads!

The email notification you get tells you how to convert and follow up with Partial Leads or you can sign up for the 'Partial to Full Lead Converter'.

Partial Leads CONVERT! We have a lot of feedback to that! You can always change over to the "Property Valuation PLUS One" landing pages down the road.

4. Geo Target your ads to Farm Areas USING ZIP CODES for better conversion. Create landing pages for farm areas as Facebook lets you target by zip code!

5. Budget $10 a day for your seller lead generation ads to start. Less will be ineffective, and you can always spend more down the road. Start with one ad to get the hang of it and you can run more ads as you get more comfortable with it.

6. Be sure to run Listing Landing Page ads for 'Pending' and 'Just Sold' in addition to 'Coming Soon', 'Just Listed', 'Open House' as this will generate seller and buyer leads, change out the images regularly and never run an ad for more than a week.

7. If you no listings or only 1-2, consider borrowing listings. Many agent successful in doing this ask other agents in their office if they would like help marketing any of their listings.
A listing can be old, over priced etc and still generate good leads!

As long as you do it right per the points on this page, the more listings you advertise, the more leads you will generate!

MORE GREAT IDEAS to generate seller leads!

8. Embed your Property Valuation landing pages in your property marketing tools to generate seller leads from the 1,000's of people that see your listings' virtual tours, eFlyers, Single Property Websites, Facebook posts, YouTube videos, blog posts etc! SEE HOW HERE!

See 'FREE Home Values' link here for example in Single Property Website. This same link is in my virtual tours, eFlyers, Facebook posts, etc.

9. Include 'text for more information' in Facebook Ad to generate text leads where you get the phone number 100% of the time for both Listing Landing Pages and Property Valuation Landing Pages.

10. Several people thanked us for our affiliate program which pays 15% with no limit or cap!

11. Client Reviews from Zillow in Listings-to-Leads tools!
See why this is one of our client's favorite new enhancements here!

12. See how to post your Client Review Website to generate leads here!

Get your property valuation landing page EVERYWHERE so that you can get it in front of more homeowners to generate more seller leads

Other Top Ways to Generate Seller Leads!

Seller Leads from Virtual Tours, eFlyers, Facebook Posts and more!

Seller Leads from Your Email Signature

Seller Leads from Email Newsletters, Letters & Postcards

Facebook Post from client on send Seller Lead Gen letter to Farm

Seller Leads from Instagram

Seller Leads Using Post Cards / Direct Mail

Link to or embed property valuation landing pages in your website or blog!

You need more buyer leads?!

Every listing can have virtually unlimited Listing Landing Pages! See examples here.

(No listings?! Borrow listings from agents in your office! Clients have literally built their business and changed their lives starting off doing this!)

See our No Listing Lead Generation webinar to see just some of the many ways to generate buyer and seller leads using Listings-to-Leads!

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