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L2L - Seller Partial Lead Conversion

Last Updated: Apr 23, 2015 12:33PM PDT
Partial Leads are valuable as you can develop a large database of homeowners.

Below is a rough draft of the ideas we think will help with conversion.
Partial lead contact info tools.
Vulcan 7
Suggested Follow Up for Seller Leads

If the person does not fill out page 2 of the landing page, then all you will get is the property address. This is called a partial lead and is still a good lead.
If they do fill out page two, then you will get the property address, name and email (and phone is required or given). This is called a full lead.
What most agents do for follow-up with partial leads is similar to responding to a full lead but with one additional step:
#1. Google the property and see if it is a real property, one that you would want to list and is not already listed! The lead notification email you receive will have a link to the Google search that you can click for this.
(Additional Step for Partial Lead) Look up the address to get the owners name and other information where available using a program like this one or other available to you.
#2. Follow up fast by phone if possible, or email.
Example phone / email script (Listings-to-Leads default auto responder includes the script below after the person leaves their email and clicks ‘Click For Report!’.
Hello, we have received a request for a property valuation for <PROPERTY ADDRESS WILL BE HERE>. 
I have a few questions to better prepare this for you if you have one minute.
  1. Is there anything about your home that would make it more valuable or less compared to others in the area? Like any recent additions or upgrades?
  1. Would you like any estimates on the value of future improvements made to your home? Like how much would a new kitchen or bathroom add to the value of your home?
  1. Are you planning on moving within the next year due to job, family or other reasons?
#3. Put them into your CRM for follow-up on a New Seller Lead Follow-Up Plan with the steps below as appropriate edited for your business. Get with your CRM Support for how to do this.
#4. Immediately direct mail a thank you card for requesting their home value, chatting with you on phone, responding via email or whatever they did.
#5. Prepare a quick CMA for the property, include pre printed cover letter and pre printed mini-pre listing packet (or prepared cover letter and mini pre-listing packet if sending via email)
#6. Mail, email or drop the above information off to the homeowner.   Include that a more precise valuation (selling price in today’s market) can be made with a walk through.
#7. Set them up for a weekly update from the MLS for new, pending, sold listings as available for their area / neighborhood. Do not set up for a DAILY alert, this is too much for a seller lead / homeowner.
#8. (DAY 7) Send the Listings-to-Leads ‘How to Increase Your Homes Value the Most for the Least’ report with cover letter.
#9. (DAY 14) Send Your Home Sales Guarantee Letter (or we buy it...or sell it for free etc.) explaining your program and having them call to get details (OPTIONAL). If not this, then something else of interest or value.
#10. (DAY 21) Send a home selling checklist with a timeline of things to do up to 6 months before they list. Prepare one appropriate for you area.
#11. (DAY 28) Send a $500 Commission Savings certificate if they list with you. (OPTIONAL if you offer this type of program, if not, something else of interest or value)
Make sure your CRM 'New Seller Lead Follow-Up Plan' has more follow-up via mail, email and phone so that you are not forgotten by the homeowner when they are ready to talk to a Realtor / Broker about selling their home!
The Weekly market updates (weekly emails from MLS / Website about new listings, pendings, solds etc) is a great service that will keep you in front of them, but this is only a minimum and should be supplemented with other activities per above via your CRM's 'New Seller Lead Follow-Up Plan.’

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